Vancouver Breastfeeding Centre
In-Person + Virtual Breastfeeding Clinic Specializing in Breastfeeding Medicine for those in BC

Our Services

Mothers and babies are referred for a wide variety of lactation and breastfeeding challenges.

Preparing for your Visit

  • Breast Reduction/Augmentation/Breast Surgery
  • Cleft palette, lip tie, retrognathia
  • Drugs and Lactation
  • Excessive weight loss or slow weight gain in baby
  • Induced Lactation and re lactation/adoption
  • Low milk supply/Lactation failure
  • Mastitis/breast infections
  • Multiple births, twins, tandem nursing
  • Painful breasts & Nipples
  • Plugged ducts/milk stasis
  • Poor latch
  • Prenatal Lactation Assessments and counselling
  • Tongue Tie assessments and surgeries
  • Weaning/Return to Work
Vancouver breastfeeding help for mothers

Initial consultations are usually virtual visits 

Vancouver breastfeeding help for mothers

Clinical Lactation and Breastfeeding Assessments generally take 30 minutes and are covered under the Medical Services Plan. One of our physicians will take a detailed mother and infant history and may observe as you breastfeed your baby. In Office visits include an accurate Test Feed. Most babies will be weighed before and after each feed in order to measure how much milk the baby is transferring while at the breast. Our aim is to correctly identify and diagnose the cause of your breastfeeding difficulties and then offer you the best evidence based managements.

Follow up appointments are arranged as needed in conjunction with the primary care provider.

Preparing for your Visit

Our Clinic is referral based, meaning that you require a referral from your Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or midwife.

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Vancouver Breastfeeding Centre will close permanently at the end of March 2022. Please read the announcement.