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We regret to inform you that after 35 years of helping to promote, protect and support Breastfeeding families, Dr. Livingstone is retiring (you can still email her), and the Vancouver Breastfeeding Centre will close permanently at the end of March 2022.

New consultations will be accepted until Mid-February 2022, timely follow up care will be provided until the permanent closure by the end of March 2022. Until then, patients will continue to receive all necessary Breastfeeding Medicine assistance and then should return to their primary care provider for ongoing care.

Read the complete announcement (which includes Dr. Livingstone’s contact details)

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Breastfeeding Help for those in BC

Our clinic is staffed by Physicians with expertise in Lactation, Breastfeeding, and Maternal and Infant Health. We can help with prevention, early detection, diagnosis and evidence-based managements of a wide variety of problems related to lactation and breastfeeding.

Tongue-tied babies: Procedure to help infants breastfeed may not be necessary, say some experts

Dr Verity Livingstone interview with CTVNews

Many parents across Canada struggle with breastfeeding, and in some cases, new mothers are being told to utilize a laser procedure to fix tongue issues in their infants — a treatment that experts say can be unnecessary.

CTV News Toronto

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Our Clinic is referral-based, so you need a referral from your care provider before we can make an appointment for you.

But, don’t worry. The time between when your referral is sent in and your appointment is made is short, because we know you would like help as soon as possible.

Our care team offers video appointments, phone appointments, and in-person appointments in Vancouver.

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